You are in the right place if…

-you are feeling overwhelmed by your fear of the unknown of pregnancy and baby.

-you want a non-judgemental expert to listen to your concerns and coach through the uncharted territory of expecting your first child.

-you want someone to help ground you when the new parent jitters are taking over.

-you want to be able to relax without feeling guilty and savor the most precious moments of your pregnancy.

What we want you to do right now

Take a deep breath, hug your belly, and remind yourself how incredible you are!

Love up on that beautiful bump and imagine how amazing your little one is going to be.

Take some time for yourself. Curl up with a good book, get a massage, go shopping, or attend a prenatal yoga class.  

Remember that you will never experience this unique pregnancy again.  

Envision your pregnancy, labor, and delivery with less stress and anxiety.

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