Based on our personal and professional experience, we know the things that new and expectant parents stress about.

  • Unexplainable worry about how the pregnancy will proceed. This often includes anxiety about the delivery process and all of the unknowns of the health or you and your little one.
  • Hours of wasted time and energy researching baby items and baby gear to try to find “the right” bottle, stroller, and crib mattress. The amount of information is overwhelming!
  • Wanting reasurrance, parents want to know that they will be able to take good care of their little one when he or she arrives. Agonizing over the skills they will need to navigate early childhood, they worry about potential hazards and risks that their home poses.
We exist so you don’t have to go through all that stress on your way to parenthood.

Mom holding baby

The Prepared Parent Package $497

Our Signature Package, was designed with you in mind. We give you the information you need to directly fend off the distractions, helping you focus on the most important tasks of bonding with your baby and being emotionally prepared to meet your little love.

Included are the following:
Bump to Baby

This super-concentrated 90 minute in-home session is tailored to busy expectant parents who need to know the most important facts about labor, birth, and newborn care. Our registered nurses will present the most up-to-date information, and allow you to apply the skills learned on our life-like baby mannequins.

Registry Basics
While it can be lots of fun to walk through the baby store and look at all the cute clothes and gadgets for sale, when it comes to actually putting together a registry, many parents get stuck. The pressure to select the most appropriate items is not made easier by the abundance of clever marketing, blog reviews, and personal recommendations by friends (and strangers!). With our research and assistance, we can guide you safely through to a less stressful registry experience.

Home Safety Checklist
Before you know it, you are going to have a little one rolling over, crawling and walking in your home. Baby’s and toddlers have an amazing talent for identifying the most dangerous things in their environment. You can wait for him or her to show you where your weak points are and then try to race and catch up, or you can take a more proactive approach. Our checklist takes you through each room of your house and highlights areas that may need safeguarding.

*$97 ADD-ON: Not sure where to even begin with the items needed for your home, let us know. We can have one of our maternity consultants walk through your home with you and share his/her insights and suggestions.

In Home Follow Up
Everything is wonderful when you are within earshot of your nurse while in the hospital, but you know that very soon, the honeymoon is over. You will soon have to fend for yourselves against an onslaught of poopy diapers, unnerving baby noises and questions as exhaustion starts to set in. Our In-home follow up restores your confidence as our maternity consultants come to check in on you in your time of greatest need.

New Parent Support
Questions don’t always formulate themselves at convenient times. When the nagging thoughts begins to steal the joy out of your pregnancy or baby journey, we will put your mind at ease and get you centered again. Our experienced maternity consultants are available for you by phone, text, and email. This service includes 2 weeks of “ask anything” approach for all your baby and mama questions to start when you decide.


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