Happy Dad Entertains Baby In Stroller

The Problem

New dads have many concerns. What if I break the baby? How do I stop the poop from getting all over everything? Will I ever have sex with my wife again? Will people laugh at me if I carry the baby like a football? We feel your pain, Dad, and we can help.

In your life you’ve had many successes. Even so, this new adventure is a little intimidating! The biggest reason for this unease is that becoming a father is a huge increase in responsibility. Obviously, some preparation is warranted, but who has time to sift through the encyclopedic library of information available?

The Solution

Dad Prep Course

Our Dad Prep Coach has whittled the new dad anthology down to only the most critical points that all expectant fathers should know. This concentrated format is certainly worth the time you will invest. If you want to know which fruit or vegetable corresponds to your baby’s size in the womb, you will have to look elsewhere. We will not speak a word about such things. But if you want the real scoop on surviving pregnancy and early parenthood alongside your partner, we may have something for you. In this 2.5 hour class, you can expect nothing but straight talk from guys who have been deep in the trenches of fatherhood and lived to tell the tale.

Here’s what you’ll gain from our class:

1. Your partner will be impressed by the confident way you deal with things that make average guys break into a cold sweat.

2. Your buddies will respect the mastery you show over the most treacherous fathering tasks.

3. Strangers will bestow man points upon you every time you go out in public with little one strapped to your chest.

4. You will sleep soundly knowing that you are becoming the dad your kids will feel comfortable spitting up on.

The only thing standing between you and your dream of level 10 fathering is collecting a little bit of knowledge and practicing a few critical skills. These tools will make you more confident when the diaper hits the fan. And believe me; the diaper always hits the fan. Sign up now to begin preparations!

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